Scotland win tie-breaker

Scotland progressed to the Page Play-offs Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Scotland won their tie-breaker against China by 9-4 on Friday morning and now go on to face Russia in the Page 3-4 Play-off on Friday evening.

The Scots were in dominant form and took the lead initially in the third end when China’s skip Sijia Liu missed a double takeout attempt in the third end to give up a steal of one and hand Scotland a 3-1 lead.

In the fourth end, China gave up another single steal and in the fifth, Liu was forced to draw for just one point, thanks to good build-up play by the Scots.

In the sixth end, Scottish skip Eve Muirhead was short with her final draw attempt and this gave China a steal of one that brought the score level at 3-3.

The major break-through came in the seventh end when Muirhead played a raised double take-out that moved a lot of stones and gave the Scots a score of three for a 6-3 lead.

China scored one in the eighth and Muirhead had another hit for three in the ninth for a 9-4 lead, after which China conceded.

After the game, Muirhead said: “That was a really solid game and it was a step up even from last night but that’s what you’ve got to do when you hit the play-offs. We were that one step ahead for the whole game. There were a lot of good shots, it was a high quality game” adding, “we’re coming together, we’re getting on top of the ice and we’re being just a bit more consistent.”

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